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Laycoe & Bogdon PC is a family law firm based in Vancouver, Washington. We focus on you and your family’s needs. We’re not here to write corporate contracts or chase personal injury cases. We’re here to help guide and represent you - compassionately and fairly - through sometimes emotional or frightening transitions in your life.

Our practice areas include:


A divorce can be an emotional and draining time. It’s also a time when the focus needs to be on you and your future. There will be times when decisions are difficult to make or when it seems like there will be no end. That’s why you work with an experienced family law attorney. We represent you through the process, advocate for your interests and help you reach the end so you can move on with your life. Even if your divorce involves complex property matters, such as the valuation and division of business interests, commercial real estate, and other investments, we have the knowledge and skills to help you.

If you are filing for divorce, contact us to speak with one of our family law attorneys.

Child Support

The Washington state child support guidelines protect the interests of children by providing for their financial needs when their parents are not in a relationship or residing together. Child support also can be an area of dispute between parents because child support payments often extend long past the divorce and modifications or enforcement can be necessary.

If you are trying to get child support: We can help you understand how child support is calculated in Washington and your rights on a variety of issues such as day care expenses, uninsured healthcare costs, dependency exemptions and back support.

If you are being pursued for child support: We can represent you and try to help you understand your rights.

Do you want to understand more about child support or need help with representation? Please contact one of the family law attorneys at Laycoe & Bogdon PC today.

Domestic Partnership Dissolution

In the state of Washington, unmarried couples, either same sex or opposite sex who reside together and meet other statutory criteria, may register for a domestic partnership to receive similar rights as married couples. Before you register, consider consulting with a family law attorney to discuss issues regarding finances, property and children and the legal impact registering will have on you and your relationship. If you are ending a long-term relationship and have registered as a domestic partnership, you need to be aware of the legal process involved in dissolving the relationship.

Contact us for more information.

Child Custody, Parenting Plans and Visitation

Child custody issues often can cause the most stress for parents involved in a legal proceeding, and for good reason. As parents, we invest a lot of time and care into raising our children, and the thought of a disruption in our relationship with them can be very troublesome. Juliet Laycoe and Steve Bogdon can help you develop a plan that always puts the best interests of your children first.

We can handle which involve:

  • The establishment of a parenting plan or residential schedule;
  • The modification of an existing parenting plan or residential schedule;
  • Requests for custody of children by relatives and other non-parents.
Contact Laycoe & Bodgon PC today and let us help you with your child custody needs.

Modification and enforcement of decrees

Various laws relate to modifications in child support order, custody decrees, parenting plans, and other special circumstances. It’s important that you seek legal counsel so you understand the circumstances that must be present before a prior order or decree can be modified. It’s equally important that you understand when and how you should enforce an existing order that isn’t being followed.

By contacting us you can get the help you need to protect the agreements you make with your former spouse.

Relocation of children

Sometimes a move or relocation is in the best interests of a child, and some times it is not. Specific laws in Washington govern the relation of children once a final parenting plan or custody decree has been entered. We can help you understand the law in Washington both during the initial child custody or parenting plan action and after final decree or judgment has been entered.

Even if both parents agree to a relocation for a child it’s vital to have custody and visitation orders modified to enforce them. Contact us to help sort through relocation issues.

Non-marital relationships

Couples involved in long-term non-marital relationships, depending on circumstances, can be afforded some of the same rights as married couples in the state of Washington. At Laycoe & Bogdon PC, our family lawyers can help you through issues involving:

  • Establishment or disestablishment of parentage or paternity and the related child custody and child support issues;
  • Custody matters involving requests for custody of children by relatives and other non-parents; and
  • Rights in and distribution of property and debts accumulated during cohabitation.
Just as in a divorce, the break-ups of these relationships can be stressful and distracting to your like. It’s important to have a compassionate but firm attorney on your side to guide and represent you.


Adoptions take many forms according to the law in the state of Washington. At Laycoe & Bodgon PC, we can help guide you through the process and help with adoptions for step-parents, family members, domestic partners and third parties.

Attorneys Juliet Laycoe and Steve Bogdon are here to help guide and represent you through the entire legal adoption process.


People may enter into many types of agreements which define their marriage or relationship. These agreements may include non-marital cohabitation relationship agreements, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, property status agreements, separation contracts and domestic partnership agreements. Such agreements involve sensitive topics and yet they can be vital to protecting the rights and assets of individuals.

The family law attorneys of Laycoe & Bogdon PC can help navigate and negotiate agreements and help thwart litigation after a death, divorce, or separation. Contact us today.


Estate Planning and Estate Administration

As hard as it can be to face end-of-life issues, having a plan in place in case something happens to you is instrumental in protecting your family and insuring that your wishes are known and met. Such a plan is called an estate plan. These plans may include documents other than a will. They provide direction on how to manage your affairs and can include wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives, and the probate and non-probate administration of an estate. Our attorneys can assist you in preparing an estate plan. They also can represent you in litigation involving an estate matter should the need arise.

Contact us to get this process started, to modify an existing estate plan or to help administer an estate.


Sometimes disabled adults, elderly parents or even friends are unable to adequately care for themselves. In those instances someone may need to become legally authorized to handle their personal or financial affairs. This type of authorization is called a guardianship.

Guardianship proceedings can be time-consuming, complicated, and sometimes contentious, so please contact Laycoe & Bogdon PC to help you navigate the process.